Commercial-Retail Facade RLF




The purpose of the Commercial-Retail Façade Grant Program (CRF GP) is to assist eligible applicants involved in the development, promotion and retention of trade, commerce, industry and employment opportunities by providing flexible and timely financial assistance for commercial/retail façade development projects.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants must be located within the corporate boundaries of the Town of Syracuse that generally has one or more of the following characteristics: 

  • A commercial structure or storefront 

Fund Availability, Fund Match

Grants available thru the Town of Syracuse CRF grant program will be made available for application throughout the fiscal year and will be reviewed based upon the criteria provided. 

  • A match of 50 percent is required for the total amount of the grant (i.e. if the total project is $4,000, a match of $2,000 would be required from the applicant.  

 Eligible Activities  

Items include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Accentuating the existing features of the building through painting, lighting, restoration, replacement, cleaning or other treatment of exterior surfaces.
  2. The addition of design elements which may have appeared on the original building or are in keeping with the building’s character, e.g. awnings.
  3. Repair to building exterior facades (front, rear, and side facades are eligible).
  4. Masonry repairs.
  5. Cleaning of building exterior.
  6. Exterior painting.
  7. Repairing or replacing cornices, entrances, doors, windows, decorative detail, and awnings.
  8. Sign removal, repair or replacement.
  9. Other repairs that may improve the aesthetic quality of the building.
  10. Façade Renovation – Must involve the general upgrading of a buildings external appearance in compliance with the design Guidelines.

Ineligible Activities

Items include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Interior improvements (except window display areas).
  2. Roofing
  3. Additions to existing structures.
  4. Sidewalks
  5. Purchase of furnishings, equipment, or other personal property, which does not become a part of the real estate.
  6. Improvements completed or in progress prior to notification of approval.

 Review of Grant Applications  

  • All applications received from applicants will be reviewed to determine the merit of the applications and of the proposed uses of funds. In determining whether an applicant shall receive funding, the following criteria will be considered.  Each application will be reviewed based upon an analysis of the proposed project's potential enhancement of and development opportunities, overall project feasibility, project impact, and soundness of the proposed strategy.

 Awarding of Loan Funds 

  • The grant limit will be no more than $5,000 per project. At its discretion, the Town of Syracuse may decide to grant an amount less than the amount requested in the application.  
  • The standard general conditions and special conditions (if any) shall be incorporated into any agreement and/or intergovernmental contract that may be executed and used to implement a transaction between the Town of Syracuse and the applicant or the applicant and its implementing agency or sub-recipient(s).  


David Wilkinson, Town Manager
310 N. Huntington Street
Syracuse, Indiana 46567
(574) 457-3348