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Syracuse housing is dominated by mid to upper end owner occupied single family housing stock. While the condition of this housing stock is very good, the quality of this stock has sometimes overshadowed the need for low to moderate income housing. Issues include lack of affordable housing; lack of housing variety; lack of available land for new residential development; deteriorating housing stock in older neighborhoods; lake enhances property values throughout community and lack of enforcement of building codes and ordinances.

The overall housing goal is to encourage the development of quality, affordable housing for residents of Syracuse while ensuring the livability of existing housing in existing neighborhoods. It is encouraged that ongoing maintenance of current structures takes place along with the promotion of reuse of existing structures; ensure that new development is harmonious and compatible with the current land uses in town; encourage a developer friendly environment with design flexibility, streamlined application and permitting process, and a relaxed inspection environment; encourage in-fill development and rehabilitation of existing structures in addition to new development and encourage the development of housing above retail outlets apartments within the older established neighborhood core.

The Town of Syracuse implements a proactive building code enforcement program by utilizing the Hearing Authority and Kosciusko County Health Department for properties classified as Unsafe Premises and partner with Area Planning Commission to provide building inspection service with the issuance of an improvement location permit. The Town of Syracuse's Building Inspector conducts routine inspections regarding construction practices including structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.

The Town of Syracuse Building Department is located at 310 N. Huntington Street (Town Hall) and includes inspection and plans examination functions. We are here to serve the community by answering questions, meeting with property owners to help them understand the requirements of the building code, review plans, issues permits, and inspect structures to ensure they are safe for human occupancy.

Office hours are Tuesday - Thursday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The building inspector can be reached at 574-457-8369.