Street Foreman - Paul Hoffman

Email Address -

For any emergencies after hours please call the Kosciusko County Sheriff Dispatch at (574) 267-5667

Please call  (574-337-1142) if there is/are:

  • potholes in the roadway
  • dead animals in the street
  • limbs down 
  • street signs down or missing
  • sidewalks
  • water bubbling in the streets
  • slick roads
  • plowing
  • graffiti on roadway / sidewalks
  • storm sewer issues
  • road cut permits
  • brush & yard waste pick up

Refer to Ordinance 99-19 shown below for yard waste collection requirements.

 Syracuse Town Ordinance 99-19

 The placement and placing of grass clippings, limbs, brush and vegetation residue and like

debris in reasonable amounts and quantities, but not including the remains and residue from

the cutting down or harvesting of a tree or the general trimming of a tree may be placed in

areas adjacent to the public streets and rights-of-way in the Town of Syracuse provided that

all tree limbs and like type brush be in piles not exceeding six feet in length, three feet in height

and three feet in width, to allow reasonable handling thereof for loading into trucks, and

that none of such items or materials shall be in a condition to allow any of same to be washed

or in any manner to be dissipated or to run into the public streets and rights-of-way.