The overall housing issue is to encourage the development of quality, affordable housing for residents of Syracuse while ensuring the livability of existing housing in existing neighborhoods.

One of our goals is identify and annex developable tracts of land and appropriately zone their future use for single family and multi residential projects.  The Town of Syracuse encourages residential development in contiguous neighborhoods that can be feasibly and reasonably benefited by public services; encourage in-fill development as well as the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of structures within the community for residential purposes and utilize housing programs and incentives to rehabilitate existing housing stock and encourage new housing construction.

Another goal is to encourage and plan for cohesive and attractive residential development across the socioeconomic strata.  The Town of Syracuse encourages the ongoing maintenance of current structures and promote reuse of existing structures.  We also ensure that new development is harmonious and compatible with the current land uses in town and encourage a developer friendly environment with design flexibility, streamlined application and permitting process, and a relaxed inspection environment.

We encourage in-fill development and rehabilitation of existing structures in addition to new development and encourage the development of housing above retail outlets and through the use of above garage apartments within the older established neighborhood core.

Our proactive building code enforcement program is in place to protect the quality of housing in existing neighborhoods and future residential subdivisions.