Emergency Home Repair Program


The Emergency Repair Program of Syracuse ("Emergency Program" or "Program") provides assistance to homeowners in Syracuse to perform emergency repairs to substandard housing conditions. Substandard conditions include those posing a serious threat to the health, safety or welfare of the household or affecting the immediate livability of the home. Emergency assistance shall be granted based on priority and eligibility of emergency. Applicants delinquent in non-payment of utilities (water, sewer, electric, gas) will not be eligible for the program.

The level of assistance is limited solely to the amount required to address the specific emergency. Assistance is also subject to the availability of funds. The maximum amount of assistance per household, per year may not exceed $6,000, including administrative costs. Emergency Repairs are limited to those issues that affect the habitability of the home such as: lack of running water, electricity or heating.

Applicants who experience more than one emergency situation in the same year may receive assistance through the program a second time in that year providing the maximum grant amount has not been spent.

Accessibility modifications needed for the elderly and disabled are also eligible under this program. Upgrading electrical systems (i.e., increase amp from 60 to 100 to meet insurance needs) are also eligible under this program. These improvements must directly affect the immediate livability of the home. Homes in need of more extensive, but less urgent repairs and/or replacement that are not eligible (such as cabinetry or addressing aging cooling systems (this would be eligible for financing if addressed in a letter provided by a physician detailing the need for an improved system). 

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